The following badges and diplomas are awarded for gliding performances (see Sporting Code, Section 3, Chapter 2):

Silver badge

  • Distance: 50km
  • Duration: 5hr
  • Gain of height: 1,000m.

Gold badge

  • Distance: 300km
  • Duration: 5hr
  • Gain of height: 3,000m.

Diamonds badges

There are three diamonds:

  • Diamond Distance - a declared task of 500 km
  • Diamond Goal - a declared Out & Return or Triangle task of 300 km
  • Diamond Altitude - a 5000 metre gain of height

Badges and Diplomas for flights of 750 km and more

These are a family of badges that are achieved on completing a distance flight of 750 kilometres or more, in increments of 250 kilometres (ie. 750 km, 1000 km, 1250 km, etc.). One badge is awarded per flight for the incremental distance immediately less than the distance flown. NACs should maintain a register of these badges and on notification by a NAC, FAI will award a special Diploma for flights of 1000 km (750 km after 1st October 2015) and more.

Pilot lists

The FAI keeps a list of the names of all pilots holding all three diamonds, and separate lists of those holding 750 km, etc. badges.