FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)


The Jury is the neutral and independent element between the organiser and the competitors.

The Jury's main role is to ensure that the event at which it is officiating is run in a fair, safe and satisfying manner, in accordance with the General Section and Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code and with the approved Local Regulations. 

The Jury can give advice to the event director and the steward regarding the rules and the general running of the event. However, when giving advice, care should be taken to represent the position of the Jury as a whole and not just the individual Jury member.

The Jury President has the power to stop the event at any point if the organiser fails to follow FAI rules and procedures until a Jury meeting has considered the situation.

The Jury has the right to terminate the event if the organizer fails to abide by the FAI Sporting Code and published regulations. This includes situations where FAI safety rules or guidelines may be compromised.  The Jury President should seek advice from the CIVL President and/or FAI Secretariat before stopping a competition. 

Typically, the Jury at a CIVL Category 1 event is ‘nominated’ by CIVL Bureau and composed of one Jury President and two members. Remote jurors may be appointed when appropriate.

The Bureau chooses people of experience that have been working within CIVL and are well aware not only of the rules but also of the goals and purposes of CIVL – the spirit of the rules.

Further information on the role of Jury can be found in the FAI/CIVL Jury Handbook. Competition organisers should be familiar with this document.

Download JURY HANDBOOK in Documents > Officials & Experts > Jury and Stewards

After the event the Jury is to hand in Jury's report to FAI and Jury's declaration on CIVL/Organizers finance result.

  • Template Jury’s report to FAI
  • Template Jury’s declaration on CIVL/organisers finance result