05 Dec 2015

Swooping win for USA

One of the most spectacular events in the FAI World Air Games finished on Friday December 4. Classical canopy Piloting, or Swooping, is a fast-paced, beautiful discipline that combines nerves of steel with the finesse and grace of a gymnast. 

The day saw a 1,2 win for the USA when Curt Bartholemew battled it out with teammate Nick Batsch for the lead. Bartholomew seized the day and seized the win, while Nick Batsch took silver and the UAE’s Cornelia Mihai took bronze.

“It was one of the tightest in a while, it came down to the last jump,” said Bartholomew. “Conditions are beautiful. It made for good, tight competition.”

He added: “It means everything. This is my fifth world title. I was pushing to get this one before I turned 30 because this is the last recognised FAI world title I haven’t won yet.”

Congratulations to Curt, and all the competitors for a brilliant competition. 

The classical swooping discipline is called Combined because it is judged on three elements: accuracy, distance and speed.

The overall winner of the Swooping is due to be decided today after the skydivers show off their skills in the Freestyle competition.

By Ed Ewing

Photos: FAI Media Team

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