07 Mar 2023

Noosphere partnership with FAI is thriving, with new FAI Payments Hub and Record Submission Tool

The collaboration between the FAI and its Global Technical Partner Noosphere continues to progress at a steady pace. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2017, several new systems have been implemented, including the event management system eNavigator, the Competition Management System for the FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission, and the AMS (Application Management System) for the registration of Category 2 events.

Last year, the FAI Payments Hub – a major project – was successfully delivered, and it will be followed up by the Record Submission Tool.  

On top of this, FAI and Noosphere continually improve the existing softwares and systems based on users’ feedback.

FAI IT Manager Visa-Matti Leinikki works hand in hand with Ukrainian-based developers Yuriy Letser and Kyrylo Letser from Noosphere, as well as with the different concerned parties within FAI.

Visa-Matti said: "Our overarching goal is to make the process within FAI more efficient. The digitalisation of manual tasks allows us to considerably reduce the workload on the shoulders of the the officials, the event organisers, the athletes and the Secretariat. That’s what most of our new systems are aiming for, the new FAI Payments Hub and the Record Submission tool included."

FAI Payments Hub

The brand-new FAI Payments Hub was launched a few months ago. Payments to FAI are now more secure, easier and quicker to make.

So far it has been used for the payment of Sporting Licences, Plenaries and the Balloon Live app. The system’s biggest strength is that it can be used for any payment, and can be expanded to virtually any requirement.

On the user end, a simple and clear webpage displays all the useful information and gathers details related to the payments.

On the administrator end – namely, FAI Finances - the process is also much easier to manage. Until now, payments could be made through Paypal but invoices were created manually. Then the payments had to be reconciled and the invoices matched. The FAI Payments Hub automatises this process.

Further developments are underway to extend the hub to include transactions for event registration, for example.

Record Submission Tool

FAI and Noosphere are collaborating to develop a new system called Record Submission Tool, to digitalise the full record ratification process. It will be delivered in stages, with full completion due by the end of next year.

Meanwhile a review of the record workflows and quality standards is underway to drive forward improvements.

Stage 1 – preliminary claims – delivery in the coming months

The first stage aims at assisting record claimants with the submission of their preliminary claims. Previously, they sent the information related to their flight – the preliminary claim/s – on paper or via email using PDF. The new system will allow them to fill in the preliminary record claims online and to upload the related documents. The digitalisation of this process will reduce the chance of errors and make it easier and quicker for the FAI team to handle the files.