22 Aug 2022

New payment tool speeds up workflow

The FAI has introduced a new tool which speeds up the payment workflow. Using the well-established system Paypal, it considerably reduces manual work by facilitating the processes through which money is transferred. Furthermore, clear dedicated web pages and step-by-step instructions make payments easier for users.

The system runs like an e-shop, with the check-out function giving the opportunity for users to pay for FAI services such as sanction fees, event registration fees, and sporting licences.

Dedicated web pages help users to proceed with payments effortlessly and to input all the information required by FAI.


All sales are automatically synchronised with FAI’s accounting system, rendering obsolete the previous system of manual handling for invoices and payment bookings.

This project was included in the overall 2022 FAI budget presentation at the 2021 FAI General Conference. It was achieved in collaboration with FAI Global Technical Partner Noosphere.