05 Dec 2020

Highlights of the 114th FAI General Conference

A total of 170 participants representing 57 countries attended the 114th FAI General Conference from 2 to 5 December 2020.

Traditionally an in-person event, the Conference was moved online to accommodate the health risks and travel difficulties raised by the pandemic. The schedule, usually planned over two days, was extended to four days and broken into shorter sessions to make it easier for attendees to participate.

The annual FAI Awards Ceremony took place on 2 December as part of the Conference, in the format of an online Awards Announcement.

Conference Highlights

David Monks, 53, from the United Kingdom, was elected unopposed for a two-year mandate. He succeeds Robert Henderson, from Zealand, who stepped down after holding the reins of the Federation for two years.

Six Executive Board members were elected or re-elected.

Composition of the Executive Board after the Conference


  • David Monks, United Kingdom

Executive Directors

  • Agust Gudmundsson, Iceland, re-elected
  • Pankul Mathur, India
  • Eric Mozer, USA
  • Patrick Naegeli, United Kingdom
  • Marina Vigorito, Italy, re-elected
  • Graeme Windsor, Australia

Secretary General

  • Markus Haggeney (non-voting member)

President of Honour
The Conference appointed the outgoing FAI President Robert Henderson as FAI President of Honour.

Companions of Honour
Suzie Gebb from France and Alvaro de Orleans Borbon from Spain were nominated by the FAI President and appointed as Companions of Honour by the Conference.

Future General Conferences
The Executive Board will deliberate on the next Conferences in the first half of 2021.

The full minutes of the Conference will be available at the beginning of 2021.