03 Oct 2021

CIVL Bureau 2021 Meeting report

After two very strange pandemic-restricted years, the Bureau met more for brainstorming than for making definitive decisions, although such decisions happened. 


Bureau: Andy Cowley, Goran Dimiskovski, Igor Erzen, Bill Hughes, Stephane Malbos, Zeljko Ovuka, Jamie Shelden.

Committee Chair: Martin Jovanoski.

Administrator: Elena Filonova.

The following items were discussed:

2022 Plenary

Venue: Belgrade, Serbia. Crowne hotel. 

Date: January 27 to 30.

Programme: This will be as usual, with open meetings over the first two days and formal plenary sessions during the last two days.

The plenary will be accessible online for delegates via Zoom.

We recommend that those participants coming to Serbia stay at the Crowne hotel. We hope that they will be many, as there is nothing like physical meetings to exchange and build the sport. We negotiated very attractive prices (€80 single, €100 double) for a hotel of this standard: the facilities offered are very good.


Overview of our current operations

  • The WPRS will be unfrozen on November 1, 2021.
  • The 2022 Hang gliding European championship is allowed to include a HG World competition for women provided the tasks are different.
  • The requirement for test events for Cat 1 remains the rule. They can be forsaken only under exceptional circumstances (like a pandemic).
  • Our XC live-trackers fleet is “go” for at least another two years. The consequences of some countries moving away from 3G will be studied.
  • Our Accuracy target and associated equipment must be moved around more efficiently.
  • The qualification requirements for PG XC and accuracy harnesses will be unified.


Overview of current projects

  • EMS.
  • AirScore
  • PR Support


Overview of CIVL President activity

The Commission Presidents Group is formally meeting every month. Stephane Malbos reported on his engagement.

Stephane also started the digitization of CIVL Cat 1 archives as found at FAI headquarters.


CIVL Finances

A brief report of the treasurer

Cat 1 Sanction Fees

An overview of the situation and development

New projects

  • Cat 1 – Reorganise our documents so that from bidding process to sending results, everything required is described precisely and tasks are assigned clearly.
  • PG XC – Help organise and finance one or two specific events each year to test new ways of scoring competitions so safety (gaggle flying) is improved and other innovations can be explored.
  • Accuracy – Compile a list of acceptable brands for Accuracy target equipment and in the interim make one brand of pad mandatory in our Cat 1 for a x years. Choose a team of judges that would cover key Cat 1 positions for x years.


In 2022, the Bureau will have four meetings

  • Just before and after the plenary for its preparation and wrap-up.
  • In June/July to analyze the current situation and build the next year budget (Zoom)
  • In Autumn for strategy and new projects.


Read the full record of the discussion below.