FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL)

09 Mar 2023

Alexandra Grillmayer and Theo de Blic are to co-chair PG Aerobatics

CIVL Plenary 2023 has confirmed Alexandra Grillmayer (HUN) and Theo de Blic (FRA) as co-chairs of the Paragliding Aerobatics Committee. They have taken the duty last year (midterm) after the resignation of the previous chair Claudio Cattaneo and now Theo and Alexandra were officially elected to their positions.

A member of PG Acro Committee since 2016, Alexandra Grillmayer, is also a 4 times Acro World Cup winner in the female category. She works at PG Aerobatics competitions as a senior Acro judge.

Theo de Blic has been with CIVL Aerobatics since 2013. He is a pro Acro pilot since 2009 and is also a 4 times Acro World Tour Champion.

"Our priority is to strengthen the future of Acro Paragliding and to increase our number of competitions. In 2023 we are launching the Acro World Tour over the ground concept which we are hoping will achieve just that," says Theo.

"Our goal is to improve the sport, make the competitions available for newcomers and yet keep it as safe as possible," adds Alexandra.