7th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship


02 Sep
10 Sep 2022
05 Sep 2022

7th FAI European PGA Championships - valid on the second day!

The second day of flying started mid-morning with ideal flying conditions... The second round, which was started the day before, was successfully completed and after a short break, the third round was also completed. This makes the event valid after just two days of flying. The fourth round was started but brought to a premature halt by a light rain shower just before the scheduled finish time. However, many excellent low scores were achieved including several dead centres (0cm) making the competition very tight.
After the third round, Dragan Popov (SRB) is in the overall individual lead with a total score of 7 cm, closely followed by Goran Djurkovic and Milos Timotic both on 8cm and both also in the Serbian Team.

Catherine Devos (FRA) leads the women with a total of 25cms, with Olga Levchenko (KAZ) on 52cms and Ayana Askar (KAZ)150 cms in second and third places respectively.
Unsurprisingly, the Serbian team is in first place with a team total score of 18cm.  The Slovenian team is very close behind with score of 25cm, followed by the Czech Team with 43cm.

One should not forget that so many other pilots also have very low scores, so that, there is still everything to fight for and as there are several rounds to go no one can predict the eventual championships at this stage. To see the complete scores in detail, please visit: https://civlcomps.org/event/europga2022/results