26 Feb 2014

2014 Plenary: New Helmets Allowed in PG & HG

The aim was to allow pilots access to the most current technology, best selection and value in helmets by including standards that are broadly equivalent.

All pilots competing in 1st Category events must now wear a helmet certified to either EN966 (HPG), ASTM 2040 (Snow Sports) or SNELL rs98 (Snow Sports) at all times while flying.

In hang gliding, the EN1077-A and -B are also allowed.

Recent research has shown that a significant proportion of the brain damage from impacts is from rotational forces, from which currently allowed helmets offer no protection. Technologies such as M.I.P.S. are available today in snow sports helmets. 

To offer the certified level of protection, helmets must be replaced regularly. The availability of lower cost helmets in a greater selection of sizes and models will encourage pilots do this. Having a helmet that fits well and securely is critical. Expanding the selection of helmets available will make that possible for many more pilots.

Implementation: May 1st 2014.